One Flatbed of Geofoam = 12 Dump Truck Loads of Traditional Dirt

One Flatbed of Geofoam = 12 Dump Truck Loads of Traditional Dirt

For developers of large civil projects, freeways, & bridges, moving dirt into the most stable places is critical. Getting dirt to the right places can take days, weeks or months when using dump trucks to transport fill dirt.  In large projects hundreds of trucks come and go to remove or add dirt where geotechnical engineers specify. But there are other options, and one of the most popular is Geofoam.

Geofoam has a long list of product advantages over dirt, one is how easy it is to transport.  When comparing “apples-to-apples,” one flatbed truck of geofoam is equivalent to approximately 12 dump truck loads of traditional fill dirt. We can all guess how much fuel is saved as a result of this advantage. This visual below leaves no doubt that the transportation savings…

Geofoam vs Dirt for geotechnical fill dirt projects

Beyond transportation benefits, Geotechnical experts agree that Geofoam is a better alternative to dirt in many projects. Geofoam offers long-term product stability, significant labor savings, moisture management, and is environmentally sound below grade for decades to come.

Often hidden under roads, freeways, bridges, retaining structures, slopes and landscaping, Geofoam has become the simple go-to solution in the unpredictable world of dirt.

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Lear more about the GF product properties you need, and then contact a Rep near you to calculate the savings and advantages for Geofoam in your upcoming projects.


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