A Great Return on Investment Using EPS for Roof Insulation

A Great Return on Investment Using EPS for Roof Insulation

We all know when comparing rigid roof insulation options, EPS is the most economical, is the only option that offers a 100% R-Value (thermal) warranty… and provides the highest R-Value per dollar over other roof insulation options.

The advantages don’t stop there. Stack on products that are folded into bundles for simplified installation (labor savings), factory laminated and faced rigid insulation boards, and factory tapered blocks up to 40″ thick, and R-Values that easily comply with building code and building science methods and you’re hitting a home run with EPS.

When diving deeper into the cost comparisons provided from some valued customers Insulfoam EPS roof insulation products delivered numbers that offer impressive cost savings (think more margin!) and the long term product thermal stability offers great return on your investment as the energy savings from EPS Insulation can contribute to building operational savings for decades to come.

Three cost comparisons for different roofing applications follow…

Insulfoam R-Tech Roof Insulation for Recover Applications - Comparison vs other cover boards.

Beyond Cost – R-Tech Fanfold Roof Insulation Advantages:

  • R-Tech Roof Insulation Fanfold Bundles Save Time & MoneyCompatible with PVC, TPO & EPDM membranes (verify with manufacturer)
  • Maintains existing roof system’s UL Classification (verify with manufacturer)
  • Lightweight – a full 2-square bundle weighs less than 11 pounds
  • 1 bundle = more than six 4′ x 8′ sheets
  • User friendly – lays flat, easy to install
  • Easy to ship – up to 800 SQ per T/L

R-Tech Fanfold Additional Product Attributes: 

  • Each bundle covers a full 2-Sq. (4‘ x 50‘ with 25 – 2’ x 4’ individual panels)
  • Thicknesses of ⅜”, ½” or ¾”
  • Typical nominal density of 1.25 pcf
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed ASTM C578
  • Also available in 4’x8′ panels up to 5” thick

Get specific R-Tech insulation data here, then request a quote for your next project to see how R-Tech stacks up, and how you can take advantage of R-Tech benefits on your upcoming roof systems projects.


Mechanically fastened roof system with Hybrid Insulfoam SP Insulation

Beyond Cost – Insulfoam SP Roof Insulation Advantages

  • SP Hybrid Roof Insulation SystemFiberglass facer is factory-laminated; developed specifically for mechanically attached single ply systems
  • Compatible with PVC, TPO & EPDM membranes
  • UL Class A and UL 1256 Direct-to-Deck
  • IBC Compliant
  • No slip sheet required

Insulfoam SP Additional Product Attributes: 

  • Standard panel sizes of 4’x 8‘or 4’x 4’; custom sizes available
  • Any thickness from 1” to 7”
  • Standard nominal density of 1.25 pcf; custom densities available
  • Manufactured to meet ASTM C 578

Get specific Insulfoam SP product data here, then request a quote for your next project to see how a Hybrid system can create more margin for your projects.

ROOF INSULATION COMPARISON 3:Tapered Roof Insulation Cost Comparison EPS vs ISO

Beyond Cost, Insulfoam Tapered Roof Insulation Advantages:

  • STapered Roof Insulation Systemingle Layer Panels to 40” thick
  • Any slope from 1/16” to unlimited max
  • Any density from 1.0 – 3.0 pcf
  • Custom crickets, saddles, valleys & ridges
  • Significant material & labor savings
    • EPS provides more R-Value for
      the dollar than any other roof insulation
    • Fewer pieces to ship, handle & install
    • Significant insulation adhesive savings vs. multi-layered tapered systems
  • Product Versatility
    • Compatible with all major roof membranes
    • Compatible with all other insulations; excellent hybrid system opportunity
  • Shop Drawings & Take-offs
    • In-house tapered take-off and design services

Take a look at the details of tapered systems, and the labor savings from handling fewer pieces is obvious.Tapered Roof Insulation Options: EPS, ISO, EPS+ISO Hybrid

These three comparisons are just some of many from the large range of roof insulation products available for roof contractors throughout North America. EPS is hands down the rigid roof insulation value added product… and we haven’t even mentioned its environmental benefits and LEED points! Do your own comparison and let us know how EPS stacks up for your projects.


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