Insulfoam and the Environment

Insulfoam and the Environment

At Insulfoam, our insulation is engineered to make a difference, in more ways than one! Our products provide a difference in application as well as the future of our planet.

By being a high-performance insulation material, Insulfoam products save energy through the improved energy efficiency of a building, requiring less fuel or electricity to keep the structure heated. Improved energy efficiency also helps reduce pollutants released into our atmosphere. For more information on the environmental impacts of EPS insulation products read the EPS Associations Study on EPS & Global Warming here.

EPS is also one of the only rigid insulations that is recyclable AND has a stable, long-term thermal R-Value that won’t decrease over time. Increased thermal durability and the ability to reclaim product waste (versus sending it to landfills), helps differentiate Insulfoam EPS products as environmentally sustainable.

You may find additional economic benefits when using Insulfoam, including the possibility of additional tax credits, environmental certifications and other regional incentives. Here are a few resources to help you get started:

ASHRAE Standards

Insulfoam products easily help projects meet energy efficiency standards:

ASHRAE Minimum Standards by Climate Zone

ASHRAE STANDARD 90.1 Thermal Value (R-Value) Increases

Certifications (LEED)

Insulfoam & LEED Points

Green Building & Energy Efficiency from EPS Industry Association

Industry Resources

Links to the EPS Industry Alliance site content:

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