Insulfoam and the Environment

Insulfoam and the Environment

Our insulation is engineered to make a difference, in more ways then one! A difference in the field and a difference for the future of our planet.

By nature of being a high-performance insulation, Insulfoam products SAVE energy. Which means less fossil fuels need to be produced, harvested and used. With this reduction in use of fuels, there is also a significant reduction in pollutants released to the environment, significantly having a positive affect on global warming (View the EPS Associations Study on EPS & Global Warming here).

EPS is also one of the only rigid insulations that is recyclable AND also has a stable long-term thermal R-Value that won’t decrease over time. This thermal durability, and ability to reclaim the product waste (rather than sending it to the landfills), differentiates Insulfoam EPS products as truly environmentally sustainable products.

Beyond the difference our insulations have on our earth, they can also help provide a large difference in your tax credits, environmental certifications and other regional incentives. Energy efficiency is something we all strive for, Insulfoam products in their most simple state, help you achieve this sought after energy efficiency!

ASHRAE Standards

Insulfoam products easily help projects meet energy efficiency standards:

ASHRAE Minimum Standards by Climate Zone

ASHRAE STANDARD 90.1 Thermal Value (R-Value) Increases

Certifications (LEED)

Insulfoam & LEED Points

Green Building & Energy Efficiency from EPS Industry Association