Geofoam vs. Dirt

Geofoam vs. Dirt

When it comes to evaluating the challenges of dirt in development, there is no question that Geofoam is a superior option. Unlike dirt fill, Geofoam is stable, lightweight and doesn’t change shape with the exposure of water or freeze-thaw elements. In most cases, Geofoam solves instability problems inherent with dirt such as buckling, shifting and distorting.

Geofoam also reduces resources needed, as the amount of Geofoam required to match 12 dump trucks of fill dirt is just one flat bed truck. Geofoam blocks are stable and predictable, where dirt will shift and move when compacted.

Notable projects throughout the country have looked to Geofoam to solve their challenges (many of which often relate to strength and moisture). Check these high profile projects out yourself to see why your projects should also be looking to Geofoam.

Chicago’s downtown massive Maggie Daley Park 

Facebook’s 13 acre garden roof in Northern California

Midwest, reduction of dead loads upon underground structures 

Buried utility protection under freeway in the SW

Soil stabilizer & new freeway off ramp support for Cal-Trans

Slab Infill to reduce weight and cost of concrete in large commercial project in Arizona

Get all Geofoam technical details here, or contact an Insulfoam Rep in your area to get the scoop on the advantages Geofoam can offer your upcoming projects.


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