At Insulfoam we believe you should never stop learning. That’s why we offer AIA education courses, in depth knowledge on continuous insulation, and useful environmental and efficiency information. See below for more details.

Continuing Education – AIA Courses

Ready to learn more about the different insulation types, or maybe roofing and below-grade insulation choices? We offer multiple AIA courses, both in-person (where we can bring these courses to you, or you can come to our state of the art manufacturing facilities) and virtually (read or watch the content here and then take a short quiz to demonstrate you read the content thoroughly).

Homeowner Insulation Solutions

There are endless products out there today to help increase energy efficiency in residential applications.  Find out why insulation is one of the most critical components and fastest ways to reach this goal.

Understanding Continuous Insulation

Discover the continuous insulation (CI) options available when using rigid foams, and how you can use Insulfoam products to reduce CI labor and material costs.

Insulfoam and the Environment

Our insulation is engineered to make a difference, in more ways then one! A difference in the field and a difference for the future of our planet. Find out how Insulfoam is making a positive impact on the environment.