Buckle. Shift. Distort: Geofoam solves road instability problems

Buckle. Shift. Distort: Geofoam solves road instability problems

Buckle.  Shift.  Distort.

Sitka, Alaska Geofoam Installation

Sitka, Alaska Geofoam Installation

PROBLEM:  Nothing is cheaper than dirt! Unless dirt is the cause of the problem.  Soft soils cannot handle extreme loads like this roadway in Sitka, Alaska had to endure. Trucks with over 100,000 lbs of dynamic loads ran over this roadway section seasonally as well as normal daily traffic. This stress and strain from traffic loads caused the soft underlying soils to give way and make solid pavement buckle, shift and distort over and over. This displaced storm drains and sewer lines beneath this crucial infrastructure.  Traditional earth  materials can be heavy and cause settlement, instability or lateral pressures.

SOLUTION:  EPS Geofoam solved this problem, bringing stability, longevity, and long life cycle savings that make it cheaper than dirt by solving the problems dirt causes.  Because geofoam weighs substantially less than traditional dirt , it does not put extreme pressure on the ground beneath it.  EPS geofoam provides uniform load transfer and eliminates differential settlement.

EPS GEOFOAM BENEFITS (more on geofoam)

  • Lightweight – minimize preloading, surcharging and staged construction
  • Weather Resistant – withstands freeze-thaw cycles, moisture and road salts
  • Doesn’t Settle – less structural inconsistencies
  • Insect and Mold Resistant – will not sustain mold or mildew growth, termite/ant repellant additive available
  • Ease of Installation – lightweight, no heavy equipment needed, cuts easily with a hot wire or saw
  • Environmental Friendly – 100% recyclable


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