Hybrid Lightweight Insulation Roof System

Project Profile: Stanford Hospital Looks to Lightweight Roof Insulation Systems
Garden Roof Insulation

Photo: Stanford Health Center.

Green Roofs, Lightweight Insulating Concrete

Photo: Stanford Health Center.

The new 824,000 square-foot Stanford Hospital is currently under construction in Palo Alto, Calif. The new facility connects to the existing hospital by a bridge and tunnel and the project includes a multi-level parking garage and with additional office buildings. The Roofing Contractors (Main hospital building and offices) Letner Roofing, and  Courtney Waterproofing and Roofing (adjoining parking structure) are managing 16 different roof and waterproofing systems (over 12 different elevations) which requires extreme precisions as each is system is different at each location around the building.

A large portion of the new hospital features green roofs. Located on the main hospital, central plant and parking structure, the garden roof sections looked to the advantages of a lightweight roof insulation and concrete hybrid system to support the garden roofs to come.

Garden Roof Insulation

Photo: Stanford Health Center.

Lightweight Insulating Concrete System

Photo: Cell-Crete.

Developed and installed by Cell-Crete Corporation of Hayward, Calif., the lightweight insulating concrete (LWIC) paired Insulfoam EPS lightweight roof insulation with concrete to both provide thermal insulation for the facility, and to reduce the weight from the roof system to make way for the garden components to come. The concrete portion of the LWIC supported the required loads for the roof garden with a flat concrete deck, and a custom tapered insulation blocks to provides the slope for drainage – a key requirement for the roof garden structures to come. Once cured, crews from Cell-Crete installed a quarter-inch cement board over the LWIC.

The hospital’s surgery rooms are directly beneath the garden roof on the main hospital, so the system has to be bulletproof. Letner Roofing will install an extensive membrane system above the LWIC prior to the Garden roof installation. Both garden roof areas will also be protected with an in-place leak detection system.

Read the full article, detailing all of the roof systems’ complexities and strategies in an article from Roofing Magazine, “Stanford Hospital Project Demands Versatility & Surgical Precision.”

To learn more about hybrid LWIC systems and lightweight roof insulation contact Cell-Crete or the Insulfoam Rep nearest you.


Rafael Viñoly Architects in association with Lee, Burkhart, Liu Inc.

General Contractor:
Clark/McCarthy—a joint venture of Clark Construction Co. and McCarthy Building Cos.

Roofing and Waterproofing Contractors:
Main hospital building and offices: Letner Roofing, Orange, Calif.
Adjoining parking structure: Courtney Waterproofing and Roofing, Irvine, Calif.

LWIC Provider and Installer:
Cell-Crete Corp., Hayward, Calif.


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