Northern Cal. Builder meets Title 24 on 600 New Homes with Total Wall Platinum

Northern Cal. Builder meets Title 24 on 600 New Homes with Total Wall Platinum

Continuous Insulation with Total Wall PlatinumWith more than 600 new homes going into Northern California neighborhoods, K.Hovanian Homes looked to Insulfoam’s Platinum Total Wall insulation.  One of the most innovative continuous insulation products on the market, Total Wall provides impressive energy efficiency.

Title 24 Wall Insulation Requirements Simplified

In an effort to stay ahead of codes, K.Hov. easily met Title 24 codes with this wall insulation system. Title 24 is one of the first regulations to enforce energy efficiency with continuous insulation requirements.  This came to be  when building experts began to evaluate a whole wall assembly, rather than just individual components. For the case of K.Hov this includes framing, sheathing and exterior insulated finishing systems (EIFS). Title 24 recognizes these elements all work together to deliver an effective (or real life) R-Value. Perhaps one of the most critical factors in an effective R-Value is the insulation.

Continuous Insulation with Insulfoam Total Wall Platinum Insulation System

The Science Behind Continuous Wall Insulation

Building science and energy efficiency experts have long said that wall insulation between the wall studs is not optimal for energy conservation. This is the case because hot and cold air regularly transfers through wall studs. This is a phenomenon also known as conduction, and many refer to the studs in a building as  thermal breaks. Adding a layer of continuous insulation over the exterior of a building envelope helps eliminate this transfer of hot and cold air through studs. Continuous wall insulation also helps reduce energy use to keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This layer of wall insulation works with whole wall assembly to create optimal energy efficiency. (See ASTM 1363 for more specific methods.)

Total Wall Title 24 Assembly

Sample Wall System Assembly with Total Wall Continuous Insulation


Wall Insulation Plays a Role in Moisture Management

Beyond energy efficiency, walls with EIFS systems (exterior insulated finishing systems – often stucco exteriors) need to manage moisture for the long term. Wall insulation plays a key role in this. Too much moisture in the wall can lead to endless issues inside the wall and outside with stucco cracking and repair issues. Choosing an insulation product that does not retain moisture over long term is critical to moisture performance.

Total Wall Continuous Insulation

One Product Addresses Two Key Issues

Insulfoam’s Total Wall Platinum is able to address both the continuous insulation energy requirements and moisture management requirements in one product.  The R-Tech Platinum used in Total Wall offers factory laminated films on both sides of a Graphite Polystyrene (GPS) insulation. These facers offer durability and breathability over time.

The Platinum GPS insulation provide a higher than average, long-term, and stable R-Value (sustains its R-Value for life). Because R-Values are higher, the insulation used is a  thinner insulation product.

The Platinum GPS insulation core also incorporates factory cut channels for moisture to easily drain as seasons change. The large continuous surface of Total Wall panels is a smooth surface that stucco can simply be applied to. This faced surface also helps minimize future surface cracks.

So what is the R-Value? Total Wall Platinum alone contributes R6.2/inch to the wall assembly in one simple step.

To learn more about Platinum Total Wall Insulation, contact a Rep near you, and take advantage of achieving multiple wall system requirements with one innovative product.



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