Saving on Labor and Material Costs for Roof Insulation

Saving on Labor and Material Costs for Roof Insulation

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EPS insulation offers the highest R-value per dollar among rigid foams.

An increase in labor costs, coupled with a shortage of workers, continues to deliver a double wallop to professional roofers’ bottom lines.  To overcome these problems and help boost profits, savvy roofers are employing product solutions that reduce roof insulation labor and material costs, while still providing a well-insulated roof assembly.

Rising labor costs are no small problem – 77 percent of commercial roofing contractors reported labor costs increases in 2015, according to Roofing Contractor magazine’s “State of the Industry Report and Survey 2016.”  The average increase was 11 percent (nearly 8 times higher than the 2015 U.S. inflation rate).

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