Industrial Roof Drainage Problems Solved in Spokane, WA

Industrial Roof Drainage Problems Solved in Spokane, WA

After years of wear, flat industrial roofs can settle. If they are not inspected and repaired, old roofs can settle several inches over time. This settling often leads to problems with drainage. Even newer flat roofs might not drain properly, if they are not designed or installed incorrectly. Improper roof drainage can results in ponding or pooling water on the roof. The result of this for many roofs is leakage. Unfortunately, building owners often learn about a drainage problem after leaks have compromised the roof sheeting, roof insulation, decking and internal structures.

The Project

R-Tech Fanfold

This was the case for this 44,000 sf industrial re-roofing project. The Spokane Roofing Company was able to identify that drainage was a major problem that needed to be redesigned for this warehouse. The challenging part of the job was to reroof the warehouse without disrupting the tenant’s flooring distribution business. Which meant they couldn’t remove the roof structure entirely.

Roof Insulation to the Rescue

Enter Insulfoam R-Tech Fanfold roof insulation recover panels. The panels come in bundles that unfold to cover 2 squares (200 sf) each. With breathable factory laminated facers on both sides of the insulation, the panels can be installed directly on top of the old EPDM roof – eliminating the need to remove the old roof membrane and allowing the business to continue as normal during construction.  R-Tech roof insulation also provides stable long-term insulation values that are warranted for 20 years, providing thermal performance to match the new roof system design. After the insulation was installed, a new TPO single-ply roof membrane was installed.

The Drainage Upgrade

To upgrade to the rooftop drainage system, they enlarged the existing scuppers (outlets for water to drain) and added several new ones.  The upgraded rooftop drainage system mitigates helps mitigate future ponding problems (Most ponding water will drain within 72 hours. If it is there any longer, that is a problem.).

Thanks to Spokane Roofing this industrial warehouse is ready for the seasons that Eastern Washington brings, and the warehouse has a new roof system to last for years to come.

* EPS R-Tech was supplied by Convoy Supply Ltd. in Spokane Valley, WA.

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