Product Feature: R-Tech Gable-Guard

Product Feature: R-Tech Gable-Guard

InsulWall  |  R-Tech Gable-Guard (GG)

Insulwall_GGWith one-coat stucco systems, using R-Tech Gable-Guard (pdf) insulation in gable-end applications will provide a quality rigid insulation while eliminating the need for a traditional thermal barrier (ESR #1788).

Features & Benefits:

  • No thermal barrier needed
  • Cost competitive
  • Jobsite durability
  • Lightweight – easy-to-cut, handle and install
  • 20-Year in-service R-value warranty

Product Description

R-Tech Gable-Guard is available with flat faces and square edges in 4-foot (1219 mm) widths and 8-foot (2438 mm), 10-foot (3048 mm) and 12-foot (3658 mm) lengths, and with a nominal thickness of 1/2 inch (12.7 mm).  The foam plastic boards are Type 1 boards complying with ASTM C 578.  The boards have a nominal density of 1 pdf (16 kg/m3) and a nominal 1.5-mil (0.38 mm) polymeric facer laminated to both sides of the board.  The foam plastic boards have a flame-spread index not exceeding 75 and a smoke-developed index not exceeding 450 when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84 (UBC Standard 8-1).

EPS Code Compliance:

  • ASTM C 578
  • ICC – ES ESR 1788
  • Meets HUD Specifications
  • UL Laboratories Classified

Product Use:

Fulton Homes AZ GG 4

R-Tech Gable-Guard (GG)

In attic or gable-end applications, R-Tech Gable-Guard stucco boards may be used without a protective thermal barrier as required by section 2602.4 of the code provided the following conditions are met:

  1. There are not interconnected attic areas.
  2. Air in the attic space in not circulated to other parts of the building.
  3. Attic ventilation is provided that complies with IBC Section 1203.2, IRC Section R806 or UBC Section 1505.

R-Tech Gable-Guard is fastened to the exterior framing and spaced a minimum of 24-inches on center.  The boards are attached to the framing with minimum 1-3/4″ long standard fasteners (nails at 12″ on center, staples at 6″ on center, etc.).  Install trim, flashing and expansion joints as required.  Self-furring metal lath should be anchored mechanically to the exterior framing members.  Apply base-and finish-coat per manufactures.  R-Tech Gable Guard is not structural.

R-Tech Gable-Guard (pdf)


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