DIY Project: 80’s Batt Insulation replaced with Insect Resistant Rigid Insulation

DIY Project: 80’s Batt Insulation replaced with Insect Resistant Rigid Insulation

Photo Jun 30, 10 42 15 AMWhen these homeowners replaced new siding on their 1980’s house, some of the sheathing needed to be replaced as it was rotted. As they pulled off the siding, the ’80’s batt insulation had ants that had built colonies throughout the cavity. YUCK. Old insulation was pulled out, exterminators treated and installed R-tech insulation in its place.

Through extensive research and testing, Insulfoam has developed an effective, non-toxic additive that will deter insects in the InsulFoam and R-Tech family of products.  In keeping with our commitment to the environment, Insulfoam insect-resistant EPS is environmentally sound.  The additive is inert, non-nutritive, highly stable and therefore will not decompose, decay, or produce undesirable gases or leaches.  Insulfoam insect-resistant EPS is recyclable and safe for waste-to-energy systems and landfills.  It is a process which uses a natural mineral formulated to resist normally occurring exposure to wood-boring insects, specifically carpenter ants and termites.  Insulfoam’s non-toxic treatment in Environmental Protection Agency Registered, meets the standards of ASTM D3345 and WPA EL 12-72, and lasts as long as the Insulfoam rigid insulation.

R-Tech insulation panels come in multiple sizes, has excellent dimensional stability, compressive strength and water resistance properties.  R-Tech is an ENERGY STAR® qualified insulation and can contribute towards LEED® credits.  You can find R-Tech insulation at home improvement stores nationwide.

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