All Insulation is NOT created equal

All Insulation is NOT created equal

EPS IN BELOW-GRADE APPLICATIONS… R-Tech compressive strength and moisture resistance allows peak performance in the most demanding of below slab applications.

FACT:  All insulation is NOT created equal.  As a guide when choosing the right insulation product and manufacturer for moisture protection and thermal insulation, refer to ASTM C578. This third party standard establishes the minimum physical properties and requirements, and is the industry’s consensus standard for BOTH expanded (EPS) and extruded (XPS) polystyrene. For example, not all EPS manufacturers can produce 40 or 60 psi insulation in accordance with ASTM C578; Insulfoam does – it makes both products across its US locations.


The Target store located in King of Prussia, PA was constructed different than most and was not built as a slab on grade.  The bottom level of the building is a parking garage while the retail space is located on the second level.  Target used Insulfoam R-Tech as a between slab insulation as a way of insulating the floor of the retail space and providing a thermal barrier between the concrete planks and the floor slab.

Space was a challenge for this Target project as the parking garage is on the ground level and the actual retail floor is on the second level.  Concrete planks were installed as the base substrate.  R-Tech was then installed over the plank to insulate the interior of the retail space from the open parking garage underneath.  A topping slab was then poured over the R-Tech to create the retail floor.  The R-Tech insulation has a long-term stable R-Value and is eligible for an Insulfoam 20-Year Thermal Performance Warranty … a warranty that’s not prorated or limited to a percentage of the published R-Value.

R-Tech features a premium factory-applied laminate polymeric facer that is virtually impervious to moisture, keeps water from entering the insulation, and away from concrete foundations and slabs.  Available in 4′ x 8′ panels and thicknesses starting at 3/8″, with compressive strengths from 10-50 psi.


High compressive strength and engineered facers on both sides make R-Tech the most versatile combination of performance and economy.

  1. COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH- high compressive resistance that can be tailored to the loading requirements of the job
  2. MOISTURE PROTECTION- comparative study shows R-Tech has very low long-term moisture retention with no detrimental effect on its physical properties
  3. THERMAL STABILITY- long-term, stable, and warranted R-value that does not drift
  4. BEST R-VALUE PER DOLLAR- of comparable rigid insulations
  5. NATIONWIDE PRESENCE- manufacturing locations throughout the US

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