Geofoam Solves Manhole Soil Erosion & Displacement Problem

Geofoam Solves Manhole Soil Erosion & Displacement Problem
Manhole jacking and separation

Manhole jacking and separation

Problem:  Deep water and winter freeze cause manhole jacking and separation.

A manhole located in Class ‘A’ wetlands in the city of Anchorage AK., experiences severe frost damage. Adjacent to a creek and subject to high water table and deep winter freezing, over the years frost pulled the manhole apart causing the lid and grade rings to fall off, the cone section to tilt 35° from vertical, and the 4” thick reinforced concrete barrel section broke away from the base, allowing ground and surface water to flow freely into the manhole. End result, soil erosion around the manhole and in the winter months, jacking of the manhole sections and displacement.

Solution:  To stop the jacking and the movement EPS Geofoam acts as an insulated concrete form and later as a compressible inclusion virtually eliminating the jacking around, separation and erosion.  EPS Geofoam in earthworks applications provides the benefit of reducing both vertical and lateral pressures on below ground structures.

Geofoam installation

Geofoam installation

Geofoam, insulated concrete form

Geofoam, insulated concrete form













Geofoam Benefits:

Cost effective

  • Reduces associated structural costs

Labor Savings:

  • Does not require surcharging, preloading or staged construction
  • No secondary compaction required
  • Not weather-dependent- can be installed during rain or snow
  • Does not require heavy equipment to move
  • Ease of installation, ease of cutting

Product Attributes:

  • Available in job-specific block sizes
  • Engineered per project specifications – can match compressive resistance with job requirements



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