WRSCA Free Pass, Highest R-Value Per Dollar in Booth #308

WRSCA Free Pass, Highest R-Value Per Dollar in Booth #308

Attend the Western Roofing Expo 2017 trade show for FREE.  Bring this pass to the Paris Las Vegas on either day of the trade show  and exchange it for your complimentary badge.  If you would like to save time and skip the registration lines, visit WSRCA.com, and register yourself.

Visit Insulfoam in booth #308 to see a roof insulation system with the most R-Value per dollar.  With a broad range of insulation types available, it’s easier than ever for contractors to construct an energy efficient roof system.  Insulfoam EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) ridgid foam insulation has been used for decades by smart industry professionals looking to achieve high thermal properties for a cost-effective price.  The benefit of lightweight EPS goes far beyond price, since it also helps decrease material and labor expenses.  And, unlike other rigid insulations, your roof insulation will remain stable, as Insulfoam R-values don’t drift or fade over time.  Backed with a 20-year thermal performance warranty, you can be confident that Insulfom’s EPS products are the best option for your project.
Save steps with our HD COMPOSITE INSULATION, ideal option for roofs that need additional strength to withstand foot traffic and sever weather.  This product incorporates EPS as a lightweight, insulating and resilient insulation, while an ISO layer serves as a durable, insulating cover board.  Learn More.
EPS FANFOLD bundles require about 60% fewer man-hours to install than individual pieces, substantially reducing insulation labor costs.  A bundle of 25 attached 2-foot-by-4-foot panels weighs only 11 pounds, yet covers 200 sq. ft.  Learn More.


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