Study Estimates Insulation Industry Contributes $20B to U.S. GDP

Study Estimates Insulation Industry Contributes $20B to U.S. GDP

The insulation industry is essential to the quest for energy independence by reducing energy consumption and reducing energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. By lowering energy consumption, and thus energy bills, insulation helps make businesses more competitive and gives households more spending power.

– The manufacture, distribution and installation of insulation generates nearly 400,000 jobs in the U.S. and more than $20 billion in annual payrolls.
– As a $11.7 billion industry in 2016, insulation manufacturing in the U.S. directly employs more than 33,000 people across 42 states.
– The industy generates an additional 42,500 jobs in supply-chain industries.
– The economic activity from U.S. insulation manufacturing supports nearly 125,000 jobs and generates payrolls of $7.5 billion.

Statistics are from the 2017 American Chemistry Council report, “The Contributions of Insulation to the U.S. Economy in 2016.”  Click here to view the full report.


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