Save Energy. Save Money. With Insulated Siding.

Save Energy. Save Money. With Insulated Siding.

“If you were hit by the “polar vortex” that brought subzero temperatures to more than half of the continental U.S., it was a good reminder that the best way to stay warm was to dress in layers.

The same is true for houses.  Today’s homeowners looking for ways to improve their home’s energy performance are increasingly choosing insulated siding – vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation that is laminated or permanently attached to the panel.  Think of it as adding as extra layer to ward off the cold.”  – Read full article in the Times Herald:  Insulated siding can keep your heat inside where it belongs.

Look to our profile cut insulation as the ‘extra layer’…  which can fit the profile of any siding, or for manufactures to use and laminate to the siding directly in the manufacturing process.

All houses start with a solid foundation.  Similarly, a quality vinyl siding installation should start with an equally solid foundation.  You can trust InsulFoam Profiles to be that foundation.  This extraordinary product insulates your home and protects the investment you have made in vinyl siding.  InsulFoam Profiles are made of expanded polystyrene, computer-cut to the exact configuration of the vinyl siding.  Install EPS behind your vinyl siding and benefit from superior strength, durability and protection for your home.

profile imageA Superior Siding Underlayment

As the pictures demonstrate, the added durability, toughness and support that InsulFoam Profiles add to your vinyl siding is real.  InsulFoam Profiles are cut to fit the contours of vinyl siding.  InsulFoam Profiles provide 300% more impact resistance over flat underlayments and are available with bevel and dutch lap contours.

InsulFoam Profiles are borate-treated for insect resistance.  Borate treatment is inert, non-toxic and not harmful to the environment.


brochure photosInsulFoam Profiles

  • Save energy, save money
  • Add superior strength and beauty to vinyl siding
  • 20-year in-service warranty

EPS Code Compliance

  • ASTM C578
  • ICC-ES ESR 1788
  • Meets HUD specifications
  • IL Laboratories Classified


brochure chart



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