Effective Drainage for Flat Roofs

Effective Drainage for Flat Roofs

Directing water to or from specific areas of the roof can be achieved easily with Tapered EPS cricket and saddle systems.  EPS can be used with numerous other insulation systems or integrated into a total Tapered InsulFoam package and will help eliminate ponding water in either new or re-roofing applications.

A common tapered insulation solution for buildings with parapet walls and interior drains consists of compound mitered panels with overlay crickets.  In the field of the roof, the tapered system will divert the water away from the parapets, while the crickets and mitered panels will direct water into the valleys and towards the drains.


This six-story apartment complex near Arizona State University consists of 60 mil PVC Carlisle Syntec over 1/4″ Dens Deck Roof Board, 1″ ISO and Insulfoam EPS crickets at the walls and saddles at interior drains over a structural wood deck.

Roofing Contractor:  Petersen Dean Roofing & Solar

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