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The following reports are available on the ICC-ES Web Site:

Manufacturer System Description
Basf Wall Systems Cementitious Exterior Wall Covering System
Omego Products Omega Diamond Wall Stucco System
UL Trakote Products ULTrakote One-Coat Stucco
Kwik Kote Corp Kwik Kote One-Coat Stucco
Pahrump Building Materials Rock Wall One-Coat Stucco Systems
The Quikrete Companies Quikrete One-Coat Stucco
Superwall Manufacturing Superwall Stucco Systems
Sto Corp. Sto Powerwall Stucco System
Gray Stone of Florida Unicoat FRS and Sanded UFRS Stucco
San-Kote Inc San-Kote Stucco System
Somar Industries LTD Permacoat and Unicoat Stucco Systems
Eagle Building Materials Eagle One-Coat Stucco System
Vail Products LLC Extreme One-Coat Stucco
Parexlahabra Inc Fastwall Fiber Reinforced Stucco System
Parexlahabra Inc Lahabra-Wall One-Coat Stucco
Best Masonry & Tool Supply Magnawall Fiber-Reinforced Stucco
 Prowall Building Products Best One-Coat Stucco
 Prowall One-Coat Stucco Eldorado One-Coat Stucco
Perma Wall Perma-Wall Glass Fiber Reinforced Stucco
Expo Stucco Products Expo Fibrewall Reinforced Stucco System
EZ-Wall EZ-Wall One Coat Stucco
Stucco Supply Co Superior Exterior Wall and Insulation Stucco
Imasco Minerals Inc Greatwall Exterior Wall and Insulation Stucco
Incide Technologies Inc Atlas Tuff-Kote Stucco System
Stonewall Products Stonewall Stucco
Parexlahabra Inc Lahabra-Wall One Coat Stucco

Below-Grade Insulation

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InsulFoam® EPS with laminated polymeric facers

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