Ask the Expert: What differentiates one rigid foam insulation from another?

Ask the Expert: What differentiates one rigid foam insulation from another?

Originally posted in American School & Hospital Facility magazine, December 2013 “Ask the Expert”

Q: What differentiates one rigid foam insulation from another?

Building design and construction professionals can select from several rigid foam insulations, all of which perform well in helping buildings retain or keep out heat.  Yet, there are important factors to consider when evaluating some of the primary rigid roam products, like expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polyisocyanurate (polyiso).

Beyond product chemistry and manufacturing methods, read more on what the key differences among these materials are in American School & Hospital Facility‘s “Ask The Expert” with Insulfoam’s Product Marketing Manager, Ram Mayilvahanan.  This article includes:

  • insulating performance per unit of measure
  • long-term thermal resistance (LTTR)
  • moisture absorption rates
  • product make-up and applications
  • cost-saving insulation approaches

“EPS is one of the few rigid foam insulations with a stable thermal resistance throughout its life.  In other words, the published R-value of EPS does not decrease over time, compared to other rigid insulations that typically lose up to 20% or more of their insulating capacity during time in service.” – Ram Mayilvahanan, Insulfoam Product-Marketing Manager


Ram Mayilvahanan

Ram Mayilvahanan

Contact Ram Mayilvahanan, Insulfoam’s Product-Marketing Manager


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