Rigid Foam Spells High Performance

Rigid Foam Spells High Performance

Originally Posted in Commercial Building Products Magazine, October 2013

Commercial Building Products Magazine, October issue

Commercial Building Products Magazine

With increasing focus on high-performance building envelopes, it is hard to believe insulation once involved layering mud between logs, stuffing old newspapers into wall cracks, or using other ad hoc methods to seal air leaks and keep heat inside structures. Today’s building professionals can choose from a wide range of insulations, but this proliferation of choices makes selecting appropriate insulation products more challenging.

Rigid-foam insulations are now a mainstay of energy-efficient buildings, whether commercials, institutional, or residential. Products in this category include expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), and polyisocyanurate (polyiso). Careful attention to product attributes in field applications is needed to ensure high thermal performance at a reasonable cost.

“Rigid-foam insulation is a mainstay of efficient building envelopes, but the correct product must be chosen for high thermal performance at a reasonable cost.” – Ram Mayilvahanan, Insulfoam Product-Marketing Manager

Continue reading the full article, Rigid Foam Spells High Performance in Commercial Building Products Magazine and learn about:

  1. Basic types and applications for EPS, XPS, and Polyiso
  2. Performance characteristics such as R-value stability, compressive strength, and moisture resistance
  3. EPS provides the highest R-value/dollar, is highly customizable into different thicknesses, compressive strengths, and shapes; and can be engineered to fit job specifications.  Read more on EPS product options such as flat stock, faced panels, fan-fold bundles, flute-fill EPS, and composite insulation
  4. How EPS reduce labor and material costs
  5. Considerations when choosing an insulation supplier



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