Product Feature: Code Approved, High Performance Metal Flute-Fill Insulation

Product Feature: Code Approved, High Performance Metal Flute-Fill Insulation
InsulFoam Flute Fill

InsulFoam Flute Fill

Insulfoam FL (Flute Fill) is a custom-cut, high performance insulation for standing seam metal roofs in need of insulation and a roof membrane.  Insulfoam FL is versatile enough to be used across any metal deck (24 /26 ga) and can be combined with a variety of Insulfoam insulation products to build a code-approved metal-retrofit system.

InsulFoam FL can be taper-cut or square-cut to fit the metal roof system’s flutes, and can be designed to fill virtually any profile of the existing metal roof.  It comes in multiple thicknesses, widths and compressive strengths and can also be customized with taper or bevel-edges to provide a continuous seam over the flute.


  • Versatile:  InsulFoam FL can be manufactured in a range of sizes, densities, thicknesses and profiles to meet any job-specific needs.
  • Cost-Effective:  InsulFoam FL reduces concerns with flute span ability and minimizes the need for additional insulation.  Minimizing the use of insulation above the flutes also redoes the possible need to raise curbs and other rooftop units.
  • Environmentally Friendly:  InsulFoam FL contains no formaldehyde or ozone-depleting CFCs or HCFCs, contains recycled material, and is 100% recyclable if ever removed or replaced.
  • Stable R-Value:  Designers are well served knowing the product’s thermal properties will remain stable over its entire service life.  There is no thermal drift, so the product is eligible for an Insulfoam 20-year thermal performance warranty.
  • Water-Resistant:  InsulFoam FL does not readily absorb moisture from the environment.
  • Proven Performance:  Insulfoam has been making engineered EPS insulation since the mid-1950s, so the actual performance of the product is well known.
  • Sizes:  InsulFoam FL is custom-manufactured for each specific application, and is readily available in a variety of lengths, widths and shapes to meet virtually any job condition.

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