Insulfoam and CityMix Join Forces to Expand Recycling of EPS Foam

Insulfoam and CityMix Join Forces to Expand Recycling of EPS Foam

The innovative CityMix process recycles insulating foam into an extraordinarily lightweight, economical and user-friendly additive for concrete.

Large sacks of CityMix brand lightweight concrete additive

Large sacks of CityMix brand lightweight concrete additive

Under an exclusive agreement that includes an opportunity for expansion throughout the U.S., Insulfoam is now producing CityMix brand lightweight concrete additive at its Dixon, California, plant. The patented CityMix production process makes use of the 1% – 2% of Insulfoam’s in-plant waste that cannot otherwise be recycled into high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation or geofoam lightweight fill.

“Insulfoam lives and breathes green since we make an energy-efficient, recyclable product,” said Rick Canaday, Regional Sales Director for Insulfoam. “Since EPS is unique among rigid foam insulations for being able to be recycled into usable products, we’re constantly on the lookout to recycle as much as possible, and CityMix certainly fits the bill as an innovative and beneficial product that diverts material from the waste stream.”

“When we went looking for EPS manufacturers to partner with, Insulfoam was at the top of our list given its nationwide presence and reputation as a quality manufacturer,” said Dick Patterson, President of CityMix. “This agreement benefits Insulfoam and CityMix, and most importantly, the environment.”

The CityMix process recycles EPS foam into an extraordinarily lightweight (less than 3 lbs. per cubic foot), economical and user-friendly additive for concrete, which is the world’s most common building material. CityMix particles, which resemble gray sand, consist of EPS foam fragments encapsulated in a non-toxic and performance-enhancing outer shell.

The CityMix ultralight additive is used as a partial substitute material for the heavy sands and gravels common to cement-based mixtures. The additive reduces the unit weight of concrete, which in turn reduces the weight of structures, reduces hauling costs and lessens worker fatigue. In addition, it enhances the performance of concrete, including improved flexibility and resilience, improved crack resistance, and reduced water absorption. Uses include:

  •     Stucco
  •     Veneer stone
  •     Cement board
  •     Architectural and industrial precast concrete
  •     Lightweight flooring
  •     Specialty concrete finish coatings
  •     Landscape block
  •     Soil additives
  •     Other structural and non-structural products

Beyond using in-plant waste, the CityMix process also accommodates recycling of insulation trim-off from jobsites, as well as insulation removed from a building at the end of its life. Consistent with its commitment to recycling, Insulfoam is beginning to offer haul back from jobsites in Denver of trim-off from the field and end of life removal, which simplifies the recycling process for contractors.

About Insulfoam
A division of Carlisle Construction Materials, Insulfoam is the largest manufacturer of block-molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) and graphite polystyrene (GPS) in North America, with 10 plants throughout the United States. Insulfoam supplies a wide range of insulation products for use in all areas of homes and buildings. Product brand names include: InsulFoam®, R-Tech®, InsulRoof, InsulWall, InsulGrade, Platinum GPS and Total Wall System. The company also offers InsulFoam® GF geofoam lightweight fill, and specialty EPS products for architectural shapes, floatation, packaging and other uses., (800) 248-5995

About CityMix
Led by building industry veterans Dick Patterson, John Coburn and Michael Kelley, CityMix, Inc., has developed an innovative and economical manufacturing technology that enables the recycling and conversion of high volumes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste packing and insulating foam into an extraordinarily lightweight, user-friendly, material suitable for blending in a wide variety of concrete products., (206) 445-5890


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