Handle More Material Faster

Handle More Material Faster

Installing a large quantity of smaller insulation boards can be labor-intensive as crews must carry and place many separate boards.  Economical, code approved and easier to handle/carry, EPS fanfold bundles are versatile and can be used in the entire building envelope.

EPS Fanfold

EPS Fanfold

Sheets of EPS insulation joined together and folded into a bundle provide an easily transported and quickly installed product.  Light enough for one person to carry and install, EPS insulation is available in “fanfold” bundles- individual 2-foot by 4-foot panels attached to one another along one edge and covered with dual-sided polymeric facers enhancing moisture protection.  A fanfold bundle made up of 25 panels only weighs about 11 pounds and quickly unfolds to cover up to 200 square feet.  Using such bundles requires up to 60% installation time than working with individual panels, which substantially reduces insulation labor costs and streamlines project schedules.  Fanfold bundles are popular on roof recover jobs and contractors can also use them in other applications throughout the entire building envelope (roofing, walls, below-grade) including the interior walls.  As with all other EPS products, crews can easily trim to size right on the jobsite.

  • Labor-saving, accordion-style fanfold product allows installers to carry 400 square feet at one time versus 13 sheets of conventional 4′ x 8′ cover board
  • Reduced fastening patterns and lightweight handling reduces labor costs by up to 50-60%
  • Water-resistant cover board does not break down like alternative cover boards if leaks occur
  • Unique polymeric laminate facers permit PVC to be used without slip sheets
  • Metallic facer permits usage under mechanically attached EPDM in northern locations
  • UL code approval for numerous receiver applications
  • Approximately 8x higher R-Value than 1/2″ gypsum cover boards and 3x higher R-Value than 1/2″ wood fiber boards
  • Panel thickness:  1/2″
  • Panel density:  1.25 pcf
  • Bundle size:  4′ x 50′ (200 sq. ft.)
  • Extensive code approvals
  • Meets ASTM C578

R-Tech Fanfold for Roofing (recover applicaitons)

R-Tech Fanfold for Walls

R-Tech Fanfold for Below-Grade

Re-Roof RTech VIII Arizona Warehouse #4

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SLC R-Tech3

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