What’s All The Fuss About Flute-Fill Roof Insulation?

What’s All The Fuss About Flute-Fill Roof Insulation?

InsulFoam Flute Fill

The channels of a metal roof, add a level of complexity for work crews to work around and to be able to establish a smooth surface for the new roof membrane system.

A metal re-roof poses a challenge for for many types of rigid insulation.  For metal roofs, the standing seams add a level of complexity for work crews to work around.  The channels require many different pieces of insulation to be cut and fit in order to create a smooth surface over the metal deck.  Establishing a smooth, stable surface for the new roof single-ply system or a recover system is critical.

Flute-Fill is Insulfoam’s EPS insulation panels that fit exceptionally well in existing metal roof deck channels (and raised metal seams) to handily provide the required thermal roof R-Values.  The advantages of Flute-Fill is about far more than just R-Value.  The metal roof pictured to the left shows Insulfoam EPS being installed over metal standing seam deck in New Mexico by Progressive Roofing.

EPS Flute-Fill can be custom-cut to fit any metal roof flange profile (square, tapered, or profile-cut) and is available in a range of compressive strengths to target the specific roof assembly’s needs. Flute-Fill also reduces concerns with flute span ability and minimizes the need for additional insulation. Minimizing the use of insulation above the flutes also reduces the possible need to raise curbs and other rooftop units.

The best part is that the cost for these custom creations is often much less than other fill options. Why?  Insulfoam EPS can be produced as standard in thicknesses up to 40″ (a thickness not typically needed for Flute-Fill applications – but you get the idea that Flute-Fill can be thick enough to install just one layer of insulation), the custom profile cutting is automated and programmed, and large panels (typically 4″x8″) lay an engineered continuous flat layer over a metal deck. Large panels don’t require cutting and fitting of many pieces or layers of insulation.

The fuss about Insulfoam Flute-Fill is simplified continuous roof insulation, labor savings, cost savings, and a predictable value-added insulation ideal for metal roof recover assemblies.


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