DIY Project: Basement insulation upgrade after flood

DIY Project: Basement insulation upgrade after flood
R-Tech Platinum GPS Insulation

R-Tech Platinum GPS Insulation

After a flood ruined the basement walls/insulation in their home, this homeowner installed 3″ thick R-Tech Platinum GPS insulation panels to the interior walls. The new Platinum GPS insulation is a breathable insulation perfect for managing moisture in basements.

The Platinum GPS insulation was pulled to the front of the cavity so it has some air space, helping increase the thermal performance.  The air can collect in the space rather than go straight to the insulation/foundation.

Moisture Management:

R-Tech Platinum GPS insulation offers similar performance as extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, but is more affordable and with stable long-term R-Values and exceptional vapor permeability, making it a breathable insulation.  Results of independent lab tests showed that Platinum allows water vapor to pass through the product… completely releasing moisture from walls and foundations.

As you can see in the homeowner video, R-Tech Platinum GPS insulation helps make home DIY projects easier… lightweight to carry, easy to cut and install.

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