DIY Garage Door Insulation Installation in Steamy Arizona

DIY Garage Door Insulation Installation in Steamy Arizona

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dave_garage-doorWith the temperatures now hitting 105-118 daily, our garages aren’t staying cool at all. I personally run a fan, and a portable swamp cooler in my garage when I’m out there to try to keep cool. When I’m not though, my garage is just baking, not only because of the heat, but because it’s facing west. The temps in garage I’ve seen around 97-120 in the last week, so I contacted Insulfoam – Versatile, Recyclable, Engineered EPS and they sent me out a kit to install and try out.

The install is very easy and takes about 2 minutes to measure, cut and install per panel. The panels are running about 20 degrees or so cooler once the garage insulation is installed! I’ve only had installed now for 24 hours, but the garage is already noticeably cooler! Temps now in garage with nothing running are between 81-90 so far, but it’s also 118 outside today!

I would highly recommend getting this product for your garage to help with these HOT temperatures that we get. The kits are instock at most Lowe’s and Home Depots and run $57 a kit. You’ll need two kits for a two car garage.

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