Insulation Warranty

Long-term is the Right Term –  Insulfoam Insulation Warranties

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.24.35 PMInsulfoam utilizes sustainable manufacturing processes, using raw materials that retain their thermal properties long term. Because of their R-value retention, Insulfoam products are covered by Insulfoam’s 100% R-value warranty.

With Insulfoam, you get what you pay for: an insulation product that retains its original R-value. Contact the Insulfoam Rep in your local area for more Warranty details.

LTTR R-values Roofing Insulation Warranties

The roofing industry was rocked in January 2014 with the change in LTTR R-value testing, which resulted in lower R-values for various thicknesses in many insulations, that can lose their thermal stability over time. But this did not affect Insulfoam insulations!