Residential Insulation Applications

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Insulfoam Residential Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation products have been field-tested for more than 60 years. You can find our products for EPS house applications in nearly every climate across the nation, delivering thermal performance results for homes without breaking the bank. That’s because Insulfoam EPS provides significant material savings over other residential rigid insulation options, so you can take your residential project budget further.

Residential Roof Insulation

Builders can quickly and economically increases a home’s insulating power with these large lightweight panels. They can be cut simply and easily to fit virtually any space. Plus they are insect-resistant and backed by a 20-year thermal warranty.

Residential Below-Grade Insulation

Below-grade insulation is important both for the longevity of your structures and the impact on the environment. Designed to insulate concrete, foundation walls or slab, Insulfoam Below-Grade Foundation Insulation is widely used for both commercial and residential applications.

Residential Wall Insulation

Cooling and heating systems should not be working overtime to make up for inadequate insulation. To address this issue, use Insulfoam R-Tech in your continuous insulation (ci) wall-to-wall insulation plan to combat high energy bills and create a more comfortable home environment.