Specialty & OEM Applications

Beyond Insulation…

Insulfoam EPS is used in many applications, beyond insulation. The superior physical properties, long term R-value, dimensional stability and energy efficiency of EPS make it the ideal choice for a variety of specialty applications beyond insulation:

  • Architectural & Specialty Shapes
  • Cold Storage / Freezer Insulation
  • Structural Insulated Panels (Premier SIPS)
  • Floatation
  • Garage Doors
  • Packaging
  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)
  • Spa Covers
  • Stadium Seating

All Insulfoam specialty products are custom made to fit your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Specialty Shapes

Insulfoam's MGM Lion Las Vegas, NVExtreme detail in columns, cornices, dentals? Probably not truly wood. Enter the 20’s century of architectural details. Custom EPS foam architectural shapes are lightweight (much lighter than wood or concrete) that can be used shaped for an enormous variety of architectural details, including  pediments, bases, columns, parapets, wall caps, cornices and sill details. 

Just take a look at the MGM lion, in Las Vegas… yes he is EPS. Imagine what other architectural details can be created with Insulfoam?

Cold Storage

Beyond Cold Storage Insulation – Try Cold ACRES.

ColdStorageIt’s simple. Insulfoam EPS offers the highest R-Value per dollar, and is able to protect any freezer, warehouse, or cold manufacturing need for cold storage insulation. Insulfoam’s versatile EPS is extremely lightweight and offers remarkable physical properties, including excellent moisture resistance, long-term non-degenerative thermal properties and extreme resilience. Insulfoam’s EPS is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, containing no HCFCs or formaldehyde and can contribute towards LEED® credit requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your cold storage project for warehouse, cold manufacturing and freezer insulation applications.

Garage Doors

For Garage Door Manufacturers, Commercial InsulFoam® GDL (Garage Door Laminate) is an advanced door insulation that consists of superior expanded polystyrene (EPS) surfaced with a high-performance, impact-resistant laminate to meet your specifications. With a superior, long-term R-value, InsulFoam® GDL provides increased dimensional stability and energy efficiency and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Available in custom sizes and silhouettes, InsulFoam® GDL provides quick and easy application for virtually any garage door application. InsulFoam® GDL is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, and does not contains HCFCs or formaldehyde. InsulFoam® GDL

Looking for residential DIY garage door insulation? View details here.


packaging testtubeInsulfoam manufactures EPS in custom shapes for a variety of packaging needs. EPS can be molded into shapes that eliminate void areas in boxes and various containers, protecting the most fragile of objects against breakage during shipment. Insulfoam’s EPS is eco-friendly, durable and recyclable, offering increased insulation value and superior resistance to water penetration.

Informational PDF’s from Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers


Insulfoam EPS RVInsulfoam EPS is used in many brands of Recreational Vehicles. This extremely versatile product  is manufactured into molds that are made custom to fill voids in the vehicle including – walls, roofs, doors, ceilings, refrigerators among other areas. Insulfoam EPS is eco-friendly, durable, recyclable, offering increased insulation value and superior resistance to water penetration.

Spa Covers

Spa Cover 2Spa CoverInsulfoam’s EPS creates a high-density, superior performance product over other building products. The thermal properties of Insulfoam EPS products are ideal for most spa or pool covers.  Offering superior buoyancy per cubic foot, increased resistance to water penetration or punctures and UV rays, spa covers manufactured with Insulfoam EPS are ideal for virtually any pool or spa application.

Stadium Seating

Stadium Seating Insulfoam EPSInsulFoam® Geofoam provides an ideal solution lightweight and economical for stadium seating applications,  Not only light weight and less cost than concrete, it can also be installed on a compacted granular fill or concrete slab,  pre-cut with curved risers. Because of it’s ease of application, InsulFoam® GF can save up to 50% in material and construction costs for stadium seating projects


Flotation EPSInsulfoam’s Dura-Float® insulation provide superior performance and environmental safety for virtually any residential or commercial flotation application.  Ideal for applications on docks, boathouses, marinas and piers, Dura-Float® features a buoyancy of 60 pounds per cubic foot and offers increased resistance to water penetration, punctures and UV rays. InsulFoam’s Dura-Float is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, and does not contain HCFCs or formaldehyde.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

SIPS Manch Elementary Las Vegas, NVPremier SIPS a division of Insulfoam, is North America’s largest manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The ultimate framing product, SIPS consist of a layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation sandwiched between two layers of oriented strand board (OSB). installation is FAST, and SIPs provide enhanced R-value, improved indoor air quality and increased durability for any residential or commercial application. A key advanced framing option, SIPS meet energy efficient needs, offer a sound warranty (that you won’t see with stick frame construction) and exceptional Because of their eco-friendly, energy-efficient characteristics, SIPs can significantly contribute toward LEED® credit requirements and qualify homeowners for tax credits. SIPS provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative to traditional stick-frame construction and can be used for the entire building envelope.

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