Roofing Insulation Starts With Insulfoam.

Insulfoam offers the widest range of faced, laminated and standard high-performance EPS insulation products for all your new and re-roofing needs. With more than 60 years of proven performance nation-wide, Insulfoam Roof products are a trusted value.

Our loyal customers experience:

  • Significant material savings over other roofing rigid insulation products
  • Enormous range of products to meet virtually any project need
  • Available 100% R-Value warranty (most other manufacturers only offer an 80% R-Value warranty – or less)

These factors deliver an unmatched competitive advantage for your business!

Whatever your roofing system, Insulfoam Roofing products offer high value roof insulation products for your roof membrane assembly systems. Whether your membrane is black (EPDM, ballasted) or white (PVC, TPO, White EPDM) Insulfoam Roof products are compatible with both dark- and light- colored single ply membranes for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Include Insulfoam products in any of the following applications


Metal Deck

Concrete Deck

Wood Deck

Hybrid Systems
(Tapered Insulfoam with Polyiso)

Up to 40″ thick
cut to virtually any slope

Standing Seam Metal Roofs:
Square-taper and profile-cut
flute-fill options

Roof Garden: Up to 60-psi

Ballasted Systems

R-TECH Recover
Panels or FanFold

FleeceBack BUR Recover

Insulated Roof Decks

Commercial Roof Insulation

Save Labor on the Roof
with Insulfoam Flute-Fill and R-TECH Fanfold